Palm Cards

Need Palm Cards? We have Campaign Palm cards starting at $67. Professionally printed palm cards 4x9. 14pt Gloss Cover is our most popular paper for the push card / palm card. Nationwide Shipping from our three locations, TX, OH, CA. We ship MILLIONS of palm cards and had never had an order returned. Highest quality guaranteed!
Subtotal (excludes shipping): $63

Palm Cards / Push Cards are Essential to Every Campaign

Standard Turnaround is 4-6* Business Days. Rush is 2 Business Days. This does not include ship time. We ship palm cards from TX, OH, and CA.  Our printing facilities are a 2-3 day ship from most locations via UPS Ground.  (we aim for a 4 day printing turnaround and achieve it 90% of the time)

When in doubt on turnaround use our Rush service to Get Palm Cards QUICK. It will reduce your print time by two days and move you to the front of the line. If you anywhere near a major population center, upgrading your shipping will not benefit you unless you do overnight. Two day shipping for most orders is a waste because they are going to arrive in two days anyway.

5,000 4x9 Palm Cards only $229 . The best quality printing on the market. Millions Sold!

Save  on 10,000 palm cards. Price is $379.

Push Cards are 4x9 inches and printed on premium paper. We offer 5,000 Palm Cards for $229. Full color, two sides 4x9 Premium Palm Cards. See Example Push Cards here. Campaign Palm Cards, often called Push Cards, are used as campaign handout literature to inform people about your campaign. Push cards are typically used in a variety of settings – they will be readily available at your campaign office, push cards are typically available at fund raisers, and in the hands of your volunteers when they are out canvassing.

Political Push Cards are more effective when then they match the rest of your campaign literature in style and in substance. A picture of the candidate is a common element in campaign palm card design as well as the a list of key issues and a paragraph describing the candidate or campaign.

The only thing cheap about our palm cards is the price

We print campaign push cards in 4 x 9 inch format, which is the most common size for this type of printing. Please call or email If you would like a different size for your push card so that we can give you a custom price.

Push Cards That Can't Miss

Our high quality commercial printing is second to none. We offer UV coating on all of our palm / push cards at not extra charge. Your photos and graphics will look incredible on our high quality paper. Where as some of our competitors print on 12pt stock (and charge more to do it) we print on heavey 14pt Cover Stock. You will notice the differnce and so will your voters.

We print 100s of thousands of push cards per election cycle and we have yet to have a complaint. Every order we ship get inspected by qaulity control before it gets put in the box.

Plan Ahead to Order Your Campaing Push Cards

We are a commercial printer and we print on giant rolls of paper and then cut the cards to size. The typical process for printing campaign push cards with cutting and UV coating is 4-6 business days. (we aim for 4 days, and hit it 90% of the time) If you are in a hurry we can upgrade you to our RUSH press and we will guarantee your orders ships out in 3 business days. We recommend that you plan ahead.

No Job Too Small or Too Large

We have the capacity to print millions of cards a day but we still do small orders for grassroots politicians. So if you need 100k push cards or 250 cards- we are here to help you.

If you need design help we have two level of designers available to assist you. Our budget designer is quick and cheap - designing most cards for $40. If you have a larger budget and want ad agency quality artwork we have a designer for you as well. Just call our Dallas office and we will handle the rest. 972-347-4390

In addition to Push Cards we also have great prices on Campaign Door Hangers and Political Postcards

Palm Card Paper Stock

14pt Gloss Coated Card Stock:  is our most popular paper stock for the palm cards. The heavy stock with gloss coating can standup to the abuse of your campaign.  95% of our palm cards ship on this paper stock. We sell millions of these cards a year with ZERO complaints.

16pt Matte Card Stock: A very heavy card stock with no UV Gloss Coating. 

File Format For Postcard Upload:

Accepted file formats: .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .JPG, .TIF, .TIFF, .PNG & .PDF

File Specs:

Upload print-ready postcard files at 350 dpi in CMYK color mode and get an Instant Online Proof. (Instant Online Proof is final and an additional proof will not be sent.) 
See resolution, bleed and color information below. 
Please use our Free Template to Ensure Proper Printing

After we receive your uploaded file(s), we will review each file. If we find any problems with your files, we'll contact you, 


All Postcard file formats must have a minimum of 350 dpi (dot per inch) resolution at 100% of the final print size.  This is very important for a high quality postcard.

Please use our Free Template to Ensure Proper Printing

****Images designed for the internet are typically 72 dpi and not suitable for printing. ***

Color Mode:

All color artwork and/or images must be provided in CMYK Format (cyan, magenta, yellow, black)
All black & white artwork and/or images must be provided in grayscale color mode.

Palm Card Bleed:

For all palm cards, please build your print-ready digital files by adding 0.1" bleed to each dimension. For example, a 9" x 4" postcard with full bleed should be 9.1" x 4.1". 
(Bleed is where the color goes past the edge of the design so that there is no whitespace after cutting)

  • CMYK Color Mode
  • 350 DPI 
  • Full bleed
  • Finish artwork should be 4.1x9.1
  • Take colors and photos near the edge all the way to the edge. 

Download blank templates here:

Need someone to design your palm card? Visit our contact page.

Our designer can create a stunning palm card design for your campaign. Most designs can be done for $50. 

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Voter Contact will correct any errors that arise from improper cutting, poor print quality, color and print shift or delays in printing

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