Printing Prices

Saves your campaign money on printing

Stretch your campaign budget with high quality discount printing of postcards, palm cards, door hangers, Name Tags and Stickers from Voter Contact.

Reach More Voters

Voter Data


We no longer offer voter data. Visit our good friends at to aquire the most up-to-date election data.

Target Your Message



We have the best prices on Campaign Postcards. We offer 20+ sizes including EDDM eligible sizes. Voter Contact can also label, stamp and mail.

 Postcard Printing

Door Hangers


Door Hangers are Key to grassroots campaigns. Our high quality leave behinds make a good impression when nobody answers.

Door Hangers

Palm Cards


Palm Card are a must for every campaign. High Quality color printing on both sides with a UV Finish. You have a choice of paper stock.

Campaign Palm Cards

Free Themes


Need a campaign website? FREE campaign themes with everything you need. Just add content, your logo and change social media and donation links.

Free Wordpress Themes

Tired of spending most of your campaign budget on printing? Voter Contact can reduce you printing cost by 40-60%. If you are printing mail pieces we can label, sort and stamp your mail.

What makes Voter Contact different?

We only do political printing- we are the campaign specialist, because of this we are able to keep our cost low on the staples that every campaign needs. Postcards, push cards / palm cards, door hangers and campaing stickers are 90% precent of our business.

Saving Money on Campaign Printing Allows Your Campaign to do More Voter Communications

Every dollar we save you on printing or with our free website service allows you to reallocate the money to do more communications to get your message out. This is important. You can reach 40-60% more target voters when you use Voter Contact for your printing.

Free WordPress Themes for Political Campaigns

One more way we save you money is with our free campaign website themes. These templates are built in wordpress and containt all of the things your campaign needs. Our free websites have Volunteer forms, links to donation websites, calendar software and social media integration. Stop spending thousands on your website - pick anyone of our themes and download it for free. If you want us to customize the theme for you we can do that as well as host it for one low monthly fee. (The theme is free if you don't need our help or our hosting)